Cruise from the UK

Whether you want a hassle free start to your holiday ot simply dont want to get on a plane, sailing from a British port opens up a world of possibilities.

Dover – Britains best known port has bold plans to transform its waterfront with new shops, bars and cafes to welcome even more ships to its historic cruise terminal. It may not be as busy as southampton, but its important to British market cruise lines such as kent based saga cruises which will launch new ship spirit of discovery there in july.

London Tilbury – As well as empire windrush and the first caribbean immigrants from jamaica, this london cruise terminal has welcomed writers Mark Twain and George Orwell in its time. Now its cheerfull staff send off thousands of British cruisers every year to sail under the m23’s queen elizabeth bridge and southends worlds longest pier into the north sea.

Southampton – This is Britains busiest port with the most departures drom the ukand cruises that go all over the world including the caribbean as well as offering excursions to some of the most quintessentially british landmarks.

Southampton has four seperate cruise terminals along its 2 mile waterfront and all the major cruise lines call here, but in particular its home to P&O cruises, ohe of the most popular cruise lines offering cruises from southampton